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My a/c stopped working on 8/11/10.My landlord called Total Air Care to come service it, he told them to bring a ladder as the unit is on the roof and this is a 2-story condo.

They scheduled to come on 8/13/10 btwn 11-2 and didn't arrive till 1:30p.m.. Tech asked for the $60 fee, said he couldn't do the work till he got the money. I gave it to him and he went outside to get on the roof. Came back in to tell me his ladder wasn't long enough!

The ladder is at the office and he said he couldn't go get it and come back! Well, the office rescheduled for this morning 8/15/10, and was to be here at 8a.m., it's now 6:25p.m. and they still haven't come.

I have been calling and they just keep putting me at a later time.I know no one will show up as it is now 6:55 and no one has even called me.


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