Air Handler blower motor was broken. My home warranty company, First American, dispatched Total Air Care.

They took care of the issue in 3 weeks. Most probably it took them some time to acquire the parts. The worst thing about this company is their customer service (I don't think they have a customer service department). Same person answers the phone all the time, giving me the same response: someone will contact me within that day about the status of the part.

They never do! On the contrary, their technicians are hardworking and do their best to take care of the issue. Most probably they're servicing way too many customers because of their agreement with the Home Warranty company, and there are not enough technicians. The best way to deal with them is to send a message to the home warranty company.

I've sent couple of complaints about the lack of response, and then Total Air Care responded right away.

Overall, above average technicians, well below average management and customer service department. Try to avoid them if possible...

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Air Care Customer Care.

Reason of review: My issue has been resolved.

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