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I bought a new home it has two air-conditioning systems the smallest unit at the house was not blowing cold air they came they put Freon in it and miss the leak evidently because two weeks later it was not blowing cold so another guy comes find the leak takes the torch in my attic melts the evaporator coil . Then comes down and tells me that my warranty will not cover copper wiring that he thinks needs to be replaced I have First American warranty on my home and Total Air Care is there provider for air-conditioning systems so the guy prior to him coming didn’t say anything about copper wiring needing to be replaced there was only a leak so I ended up having to pay $192 he ended up staying two hours so then I go out of town for two weeks I come home luckily my kitchen ceiling is bowing with water from the air conditioning system in the attic because he didn’t do something right or didn’t clean something out right because nobody’s been home nobody’s been in my attic I tried to tell the people over the phone this but of course none of them assisted me in to speaking to a manager here I am without air conditioner 95 I soon as they can get to me is this Friday I spoke with them yesterday which was Wednesday so I have to turn my air conditioner off because luckily if I didn’t come home my ceiling would be in my kitchen floor I have discoloration in my laundry room in my kitchen where the air conditioning unit sits in the attic for whatever the guy did not do properly or it would not have done that so now I have to get a manager to please contact me so I can figure out what I’m supposed to do next do I get a contractor to estimate the cost of fixing the ceiling and the paint job and everything luckily I did not have my new kitchen floor layed yet !

And I have pictures of everything but then I never heard from them so yesterday I finally pulled the attic door down to step up there to see if there is lots of water what’s going on may being a woman by myself here at the time I wanted to make sure my kitchen ceiling was not going to fall through so I get up there and I see where the service tech that was here prior to left the power box lid not only open but laying on the air conditioning unit all of the PVC pipe that he had cut all his trash all his working stop was there that he left up there ugh drain pain full just insane and I was put on hold and transferred 4 times to different ppl and they were all useless JUST GET A MANAGER this is an issue for them to deal with so yes I’m extremely frustrated!

And now on top of it I’m worried about black mold or mold setting in do to The extreme heat in the attic and all the moisture so please a manager contact me to get this resolved ! And if not I will just get my lawyers involved

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Hi there I know you dont know me but 8m tired 9f total air care.ive contacted an attorney plus working on a class action lawsuit.with enough members we can also move Morgan and Morgan jacksonville +19043982722 and tell em you would like to join angela russo in a class action lawsuit.this office continues e rob people and cost bills due to thier neglagence.also look for a group I made air care class action jacksonville.bare with us as we work for justice and updating. Ty in advance.please.let me know if ur interestes.

Larry Taylor
Home Improvement Expert
As stated on the Total Air Care website, the company technicians are trained to provide professional, reliable service. If you are not satisfied with the service, you may try to reach out to the Total Air Care management to discuss possible solutions.

You can contact the company by phone at (855) 508-6825, by email at You can also write to the Total Air Care corporate office:
2004 Middleburg, Florida 32050 United States.

You may also try to share your experience with other Total Air Care customers by posting your comments via the company social networks to get a faster response from the Total Air Care customer service representatives.

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