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Last Thursday, August 16, during the regular six-month maintenance of my air conditioning system, the technician discovered the TXV was not functioning. I immediately phoned AHS for warranty coverage of the repair and was assigned Total Air Care as my repair company. The technician’s diagnostic visit was scheduled for Monday, the 20th, between 8 & 12. He showed up at 2. He verified the problem and told me the repair would be scheduled when the part arrived in a few days.

On Wednesday, the 22nd, I phoned both AHS and Total Air to check on the status of the repair. Now suffering from severe asthma symptoms because of the hot and humid environment in my home, I requested that Total Air allow me to pay for expedited shipping of the part so that it could be installed asap. I was told by Tricia in the parts department that she would pass along that request and I’d hear back from a “manager” about the request. I heard nothing.

Today, August 23, I called Total Air again and was told the order is ‘in process.” The parts representative could not even assure me the part had been ordered. When I asked to be connected to a supervisor or manager for help, the rep explained she could not connect me to anyone else.

Now What????

We need this air conditioning repaired. We have now waited one week. I will pay the extra shipping fees to have the part’s delivery expedited. Once it arrives, I assume I’ll have to wait for repair until you can fit me into your schedule. So repair this week will not happen. When then?????

This is a wholly unacceptable way to run a multi-state business or any business and to service any customer. Please contact me today to let me know how and when you will be able to complete a job that has already been postponed for far too long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Air Care Customer Care.

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